Howards Storage World

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Your organised home starts at Howards. See solutions being created on our stand, using Swedish designed elfa shelving together with key Howards organisers. There will also be ample opportunity to ask Howards experts about the best solutions for your home.

Learn how to organise your wardrobe, kitchen, laundry and garage!

Every half hour at the Howards Storage World stand in the Exhibition Hall.


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For local or interstate relocations, James and the team at Citymove Removals will get you moving. 

If you just want a refresh of your home, ask about their ‘muscle men’ service where they can rearrange furniture within your home and give you a new space without moving!

Mise en Place by Anita Birges

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Come and meet Professional Organiser, decluttering expert, and property stylist Anita Birges - founder of Mise en Place and a regular on Channel 9's Today Show! Anita is a Professional Member of the IOPO (Institute of Professional Organisers), and a former real-estate agent with a diploma in Property Styling, so she really knows her stuff. You can also catch her as a regular video presenter for Howards Storage World, The Attic Group & P&O Cruises Australia where she shares all her tips and tricks doing what she loves best.

EXPO SPECIAL: Bring your organising challenge and get it sorted on the spot!

  • Simply take a photo of any area in your home that you would like some help and guidance with. It can be a drawer, a pantry or a whole room!

  • Email it through to Anita at prior and book a time slot, or bring it with you to the Expo.

  • You will get a 10 minute one-on-one consult with Anita about what can be done to improve the area, how to set up a system and make it beautiful at the same time.


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Forget the hassle of planning what to cook every day! Visit the HelloFresh cart and find out how they can deliver a delicious meal kit with farm fresh ingredients and our easy-to-follow recipes straight to your door.

Nifty Homes

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Nifty Homes are affordable, relocatable homes, built on custom trailers that comply with RTA regulations to ensure they can be relocated to your site safely and securely. Whether you are looking to extend your existing home by adding an extra bedroom, home office or guest area, accommodate older children that need their own space or parents and in-laws staying for extended periods of time, Nifty Homes can provide the solution.

Tiny homes are increasingly becoming a preferred option for many people - not only due to the affordability but also the versatility, sustainability and freedom of movement that comes with owning a tiny home. Come and visit our fully kitted out tiny home located outside the front of the expo hall and see what's possible!

The Filing Fairies

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Do you have boxes of loose photos and a mess of digital images? Come and visit the Filing Fairies to discover how to organise your photos so you can actually enjoy them!



ENJO believe in putting healthy living first, and look to challenge the conventional and shine a light on sustainable living with a range of safe and effective fibre cleaning products that need absolutely no chemicals. Come and learn how ENJO works to protect the health of your home, family and the environment.

The Pantry Label Shop


Inspired organisation! Whether you prefer a vintage vibe or clean, sleek and minimalist, The Pantry Label Shop has designer labels to get your pantry neat and organised so you can always find what you need.



Looking for a super simple make-up routine? Chat with Annie and the girls from Arbonne to find out how a few key products will get you looking polished and ready to face your day. Arbonne products are natural and botanically based.

The Space Cube

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The Space Cube takes up less than 30cm squared of surface space and is 5 organisers in 1, including a docking station. You will love how The Space Cube reduces clutter and keeps everyone organised!

The WeDo Game


The WeDo Game encourages families to spend more quality time together - free from phones, laptops and the TV. It’s easy to play, you don’t have to be lucky or talented. It’s about having a go, laughing and learning. Together. As a family!

Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO)

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Are you looking for an organising or decluttering expert to help in your home, office or life? Or are you passionate about organising and interested in pursuing it as a career?

The IOPO International is an industry body that serves those working in the organising industry, as well as connecting people who are looking for assistance with the right Organising Professional.

Come and discuss the various career, networking, and professional development opportunities we offer, or check out our interactive directory listing of members to find the perfect Professional Organiser for you.

Sort and Sell For You

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Do you have items sitting in piles or boxed up and ready to sell, but simply no time? The Sort and Sell For You team take care of all the monotonous photography and listing work, as well as handling any sales queries and postage - and then you get the cash! Visit the Sort and Sell For You stand to see how simple it can be!

The Art of Decluttering

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Come and meet Amy & Kirsty, hosts of popular podcast The Art of Decluttering - rated #1 in Australia just weeks after it’s launch. Visit their stand to watch and be part of a live podcast recording throughout the day, and gain exclusive access to their secret podcast episode, Confessions of a Professional Organiser.


  • Join the online course and community at Expo prices so you too can learn the secrets to experiencing freedom and joy by creating a home that stays organised for life.

  • Submit your podcast ideas, grab a copy of Amy’s book, and go in the draw to win a FREE membership to their decluttering course.

Closed Loop

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Closed Loop Environmental Solutions is a product stewardship company formed from the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and focussed on driving better value from our waste resources. Simply Cups is a programme of Closed Loop that aims to divert disposable cups from landfill, and turn them into Upcycled products. One such product is the rCup…the World First, Reusable Coffee Cup, made from Disposable cups. Yes, it is the cup you get to keep, made from cups you throw away!

There are 6 disposable cups in the ‘outer’ of every rCup. It is an excellent design, multiple colours, 360` drinking, push up/down lid, BPA free, dishwasher friendly and completely recyclable again. This product shows the things we can do with our ‘waste resources’ that once went to landfill!


  • rCups will be for sale at the expo - get a $1 coffee with any purchase!

We will also have a range of other products for show, highlighting what can be done now…versus collecting for landfill.

Professional Organisers

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Professional Organisers Sarah Dietz from Reclaim Your Space, and Charity Pal from Sort My Stuff, will help you get your kitchens and wardrobes organised! Focusing on ‘Small Steps Forward’ they use their expertise to help you break it all down into practical and realistic actions.



Our mission with Norwex is to radically reduce the chemicals used around the home for cleaning and personal care. Let us help you to clean more effectively and efficiently using sustainable and safe products - in fact most of the time with just water and a cloth! Our products help you to reduce the chemical load and waste produced in your home while you clean and look after your skin.



Imagine a simple reusable tool that allows you to keep food fresh for longer, completely eliminated plastic wrap in your kitchen, solves all of your lunchbox wrapping and teaches your children to take care of their things and use them again. Apiwraps Natural beeswax wraps can be used in the fridge, freezer and lunchbox and can be washed with soap and water and used for over a year. They’re made with completely natural materials, and come in 4 sizes and a range of funky designs. Come check out this fabulous alternative to plastic wrap!

Rodan + Fields

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Skincare simplified. 1,2,3, done!

Rodan + Fields is the #1 skincare brand, and Fastest Growing skincare brand in North America for good reason, it works!  The results speak for themselves.

You’ve seen the before and afters, heard everyone talking about this new brand to Australia, so come see us to try the products and see what all the buzz is about!

Sydney Doors

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Forget the mess of a full-scale kitchen reno. Slash your kitchen renovation budget and get a designer look by updating the cabinet doors only! This option takes only 1 day to install and you can leave everything in your cupboards and drawers!

Effortless Eco

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Are you on the hunt for quality eco friendly products? Look no further than Effortless Eco. Visit Hannah to see her gorgeous range of sustainable products that will make your life easier, including bamboo clothes pegs, stainless steel straws and cutlery packs, waving goodbye to disposable products!

Effortless Eco - Building happy, healthy lives without all the fuss.


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Storage – we all need more of it. And when it’s done right, it’s oh so satisfying. Tupperware products bring order to the chaos.

Did you know Tupperware Consultants are trained organisers of pantries, fridges and freezers? It’s called Custom Kitchen Planning and it’s a free service. Once a Consultant has designed the perfect storage solution for you, simply order the products you need. Why not turn it into an organisational workshop with some friends and share a before and after ‘WOW’ moment together? If your friends choose to shop at your party, you’ll receive some of your storage free!

You can experience pantry bliss at the Tupperware stand, pick up the best drink bottles you’ll ever use, and book your next party where you can experience our innovative products in action.

Oh Crap


We all want to change the world, save the environment, but we don’t know where to start and we don’t think that one of us really makes a difference.  "Oh Crap" Dog Poop Bags want you to make a difference to the world, by choosing their cornstarch bags to dispose of your dog’s waste. By throwing them in the bin, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll have completely disintegrated within 3 months (not years or decades like others)  So far they have saved nearly 2 million plastic bags from going into landfill!

Change the world.

  1. Exercise your dog

  2. Use “Oh Crap" Dog Poop Bags

  3. Dispose and high-five yourself. You rock!

  4. You’ve just kept a plastic bag out of landfill - Thank You!


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Intimo is a boutique lingerie service that is changing the lives of women all over Australia and New Zealand. With a service like no other, expertly trained Bra Fit Specialists travel to you to provide a personal or group bespoke fitting experience. Their mission is simple; to help women Feel Good, Every Day. With a vision to extend this experience to every woman, Intimo offer an expansive collection that encompasses over 42 different sizes for different stages of life.

Accompanying the lingerie is a highly versatile, easy to style and comfortable Ready to Wear collection. Crafted from high quality, natural fibres such as linen, Modal and Merino Wool, each style transcends seasons for effortless throw-on appeal. Designed to fit into your weekly routine, your Bra Fit Specialist will help curate a lingerie and Ready to Wear wardrobe to suit your needs, and once you’ve been fitted, is just a click, SMS or phone call away. Come and speak to our expert bra fit stylists and discuss a consultation to help you with both your lingerie and clothing needs.

Essential Elements

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Our pure essential oils are revolutionising the way families manage their health and homes. We harness nature's most powerful elements into our oils to bring the benefits of natural health care easily and simply into your homes.

Essential oils have been used for centuries and provide natural alternatives to increase your families health and wellness as well as being tools for non toxic household products. Be educated on the how essential oils can be used in your home in a cost effective way as cleaning products, emotional support for all family members and supporting immune systems.

Come visit our stand to sample and smell these amazing oils as well as enter for a chance to win some of these amazing products.


The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Dress for Success Sydney is a registered charity that improves the employability of women in need in NSW by providing, free of charge, professional clothing, a network of support and the career development tools to help women achieve self-sufficiency.

Help us to help over 2500 women in 2018.